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Glamour Rush 2018
Have you ever wondered what goes behind the stage of fashion shows and photo shoots? Makeup and hair artists continuously work on models to give a classy hairstyle, to blend shades of lipsticks and eye-shadows with perfection, and to refine their skin tone and texture to give a flawless look. While doing all these, they focus remains on using the right product and tools for the right makeup. Do you think that creating such ramp-ready looks is fascinating, fabulous, and challenging? Do you want to be a part of such a backstage drama?

Well, what if we tell you, that here is your chance to experience this ultra-glamorous life from close quarters and become a part of it too?

Lakmé Academy Powered by Aptech is proud to present Glamour Rush 2018-annual style fiesta that will launch you in the beauty and glamour industry with professional training & guidance. If you have been considering a career in beauty & wellness industry, then THIS is the platform that will give you extra ordinary benefits in career training and first-hand experience of a professional beautician's routine.
Feel the Glamour Rush & get scholarship up to 40%!
Find out your Glamour Quotient with our quick online assessment test. Get scholarships on Lakmé Academy courses.*

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