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Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy

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Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy provides career-oriented training in various sectors like aviation, hospitality, travel & tourism, and retail. With its wide reach across 40 countries, the academy offers quality education and prepare lakhs of students every year for successful careers in these industries. By joining Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy, students can take off smoothly in their careers and reach to great heights.

Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy provides training for careers such as:

  • Cabin crew
  • In-flight services & security
  • Passenger handling executive
  • Customer service professional
  • Retail manager
  • Airport ground staff
  • Front office assistant
  • Food production executive
  • Guest relationship officer
  • Housekeeping supervisor
  • Fares & ticketing officer
  • Language interpreter
  • Operations executive
  • Tour leader
  • Event manager
  • Corporate event coordinator
  • Event organizer
  • Event planner

The aviation analytics market is projected to reach USD 3.0 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.5% during the forecasting period. Aviation is one of the key enablers of economic growth, social development, and tourism.

There is a huge demand for trained and certified professionals to meet the manpower needs of this growing industry. Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy fulfils this demand of the industry through its wide range of skill development programs and quality training.

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Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy offers career-building courses in:

  • Aviation
  • Hospitality management
  • Travel & tourism
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After completing a course with Aptech Aviation & Hospitality Academy, students can find job opportunities in:

  • Airlines & airports
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Tourism
  • Travel agencies
  • Catering

Aptech Advantage

Job placements & internship opportunities for students & recruitment assistance for employers

Audio-visual learning aids to benefit the students

Onlinevarsity: Collaborative cloud-based learning platform to complement classroom training

3-step method of theory, classroom, and practical sessions

Special personality development classes including swimming, table etiquette, and soft skills

High-quality infrastructure and facilities

Live training in actual work environment & mock job interview sessions to develop confidence among students

For further information about Aptech courses in your country, click here.

The industry offers the following job roles, among many others:

  • Airport manager
  • Aviation safety management
  • Hotel manager
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Sales & reservations
  • Sommelier
  • Air traffic controller
  • Tower control & administration
  • Event planner
  • Flight attendant or cabin crew (air hostess or purser)
  • Check-in, passenger service & ticketing
  • Guest service manager

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*Disclaimer: The companies/ organizations/ agencies mentioned on this page are strictly examples used for representational purposes only. Aptech does not claim or guarantee any ties or placements with any company/ organization/ agency whatsoever.