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Aptech Learning Ladder

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At-school solutions for young learners!

Aptech Limited is an international training and skill development company. Founded in 1986, Aptech has trained students through over 1000 centers globally. The company's training solutions cover individual as well as corporate training.

With Aptech Learning Ladder, the company offers professional training and skill development programs - with great results!

Aptech Learning Ladder is a 360-degree program that is both, innovative in nature and simple to teach & use. With Learning Ladder, Aptech introduces children at kindergarten levels and above to the joys of computer-based learning. With these programs, interactivity is key; children get an opportunity to play and learn simultaneously. The end result is an increased interest in, and passion for, learning, from a very young age.

Aptech is excited and proud to have introduced this program to schools across the globe. Fittingly, we have received an enthusiastic welcome from progressive thinkers who believe in the power of technology to enhance the quality of training which includes non-academic curriculum based, non-formal academic, and skill training.

Aptech Learning Ladder uses technology effectively to supplement classroom learning for students from kindergarten through class 8. The program introduces students to innovative ways of learning such that they develop basic skills and build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

To deliver the Learning Ladder programs efficiently, Aptech has partnered with schools, government projects and kindergarten education chains.

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Aptech Learning Ladder offers programs in:

Each program is interactive that incorporates ‘fun-while-you-learn’ elements. Students enjoy the benefits of experiential and theme-based learning, which helps develop a strong foundation for classroom learning.

The fun way to learn computing

Aptech Learning Ladder merges learning with fun. Students get trained by Aqualand’s imaginary characters, which makes technology concepts easy and engaging for children. Aqualand, a fun-filled underwater city, depicts an ever changing and evolving digital world. Characters like the octopus, the dolphin and the whale present fun-filled and exciting options for students to explore during the course of the program. With a perfect mix of information, knowledge and entertainment, Aptech Learning Ladder offers an all-round approach to learning computers.

Aptech Learning Ladder makes learning fun through:

  • Character-based thematic approach
  • Experiential learning with practical hands-on exercises
  • Age-appropriate step-wise learning

The characters of Aqualand:

  • Goldie- This goldfish makes Aqualand fun & beautiful with graphics & multimedia
  • Ollie- The mascot of the city, Ollie the octopus, is cute, funny & extremely smart
  • Shimmer-This star fish can do wonders on a spreadsheet
  • Speedy-This sea horse is the word processing champ
  • Witty- This whale is the database authority of the underwater world
  • Dolf- A programming veteran, this dolphin knows it all
The characters of Aqualand

What does Aptech Learning Ladder provide?

Apart from revolutionary, interactive computer-based training modules, Aptech Learning Ladder also offers supplementary resources.

Student Guide:

This is a theory guidebook for students. Developed in an interactive fashion, this is technology-made-easy through the use of visuals and examples.

Teacher's Guide:

Designed to aid teachers in delivering the Aptech Learning Ladder programs effectively, the Teacher’s Guide helps your faculty conduct each program in a step-by-step, optimized manner.

Teacher's Lab Guide:

The Lab Guide helps get the best results out of the time that your students spend in the computer lab. This is the complete guide and support for all practical learning aspects.

Student Workbook:

The exercises, worksheets and handouts in the student workbook help reinforce and assess the learning of each student.

The Aptech Advantage

With Aptech Learning Ladder, we seek to provide 360-degree support not just to the student, but also to our partner institute. The idea is to introduce vocational and skill training in an easy, step-by-step fashion.

The various facets of Aptech Learning Ladder are:

  • Curriculum
  • Curriculum and activities designed by Aptech with the help of experienced teachers
  • Comprehensive content with ample opportunities for student interaction
  • Integrated into your regular school curriculum
  • Training resources
  • School curriculum implementation manual
  • Requisite software for learning
  • CD-ROMs containing lab deliverables
  • Student guides and workbooks
  • Teacher guides
  • Other advantages
  • Refresher lessons
  • Hands-on training and assignments
  • Different methods of training as per the grade
  • Content validated by academic panel
  • Includes ergonomics and keyboard techniques

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