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Case Study:
IT & English training for NEC, Japan

Aptech Limited is an international training company that specializes in providing career-development training, vocational skill training and non-formal academic and academic curriculum based training. With standard programs for individuals and organizations, Aptech also offers customized training to company and government employees, based on the specific requirements of that set of employees.

Recently, Aptech created and delivered specialized IT and English language training to the employees of NEC Corporation, Japan. The NEC Group offers IT services, platform business, carrier network, social infrastructure and personal solutions. NEC provides government agencies and private sector companies with IT services, covering systems integration, maintenance and support, and outsourcing.

Being a competitive organization that operates in a fast-paced global economy, NEC needs its employees to be dynamic and up-to-date on the latest technological advances, as well as to be conversant in English. They turned to Aptech to provide both in an international setting.

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Client: NEC Corporation, Japan

Requirement: NEC Corporation annually recruits 20 to 25 engineering graduates and provides them with an intensive, one-month training in the field of IT and English language in a foreign country. The concept was to offer exposure to the global economy through a visit to a country that has a dynamic and robust IT industry.

Program objective: The objective of the training was twofold. One, to make the new employees conversant in English, in order to help them work seamlessly with providers and clients across the world. And two, to expose them to the latest advancements in the IT industry, so as to open their eyes to various possibilities in their career with NEC, whether explored or unexplored. The program was conducted in an international location so that employees understood the workings of their industry in a global setting, preferably in a country with a buzzing IT industry.

Role of Aptech: Aptech took cognizance of the client’s requirements and developed a month-long program for their employees. The program covered IT skills and English language training and was delivered in India. Employees of NEC traveled from Japan to India and spent a whole month here, immersed in the program while also imbibing the unique culture and understanding the role of the IT industry in India’s booming economy.

Training details: The training was conducted over one month. The initial 15 days of training were conducted at the Aptech Learning Facility at Bangalore, India and the remaining 15 days were held at Delhi, India. Both these cities are known for their vibrant culture and dynamism, blending economic progress and development with tradition and culture. During the first 15 days, participants underwent intensive training in IT technology. The remaining 15 days were dedicated to giving them hands-on experience of working in an Indian company. Throughout the month, English language training was conducted parallel to IT skills development.

Delivery methodology: Computer-based tutorials were used for delivery of concepts, expert lectures and demos. Tool-based, hands-on training was conducted with the help of trained and certified instructors from the IT industry. Aptech also provided Japanese translators who assisted during English lectures.


The following were the learning outcomes after completion of training with Aptech:

Acquired skills in the areas of IT technology

Enabled participants to cope with the growing pressures of the IT industry

Enables participants to speak English language from level ‘0’ to the intermediate level

Exposure to the dynamic IT industry in the context of Indian culture and environment

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