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Customized Training Programs

Aptech is a pioneer in the non-formal training business with a significant global presence. Aptech focuses on career development training, vocational skill training, non-formal academic training and non-formal academic curriculum based training.

The company offers training in IT, multimedia and animation, aviation and hospitality, hardware and networking, and English language education to students and working people.

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For companies, Aptech offers a range of corporate training programs that improve the IT skills, project management, business communication and soft skills of employees. Such programs improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees and deliver good results for your business.

Apart from the standard set of programs that Aptech offers for corporate employees, Aptech also creates customized training programs. These programs are created after studying the learning needs of your employees, or on special request by a company.

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Aptech offers customized training programs to:

  • Education institutions
  • Universities
  • Business organizations
  • Other companies
  • Government and non-government organizations

Why customized programs?

Through customized programs, Aptech brings the best possible IT or multimedia training program suited to your employees. The best thing about these programs is that they are created as per the needs of your employees. After developing the program, Aptech shows it to the company for approval. Once it is approved, Aptech then carries out the training through effective modules delivered during a specified time frame.

Aptech’s customized training programs truly benefit the employer as well as the employee by ensuring that the workforce is knowledgeable and up-to-date about the latest techniques and technologies. This leads to better and enhanced productivity on the job!

Aptech’s corporate training courses focus on:

  • IT skills enhancement
  • Overall development of a progressive attitude
  • Improved language skills in English
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Aptech has worked with government organizations and universities for providing quality training and skill development services to their employees. Our clients include:

  • Ministry of Atolls Development, Maldives
  • Students from South Korean Universities, Japan, Iran, UK, Sri Lanka, Madagascar etc.
  • Ministry of External Affairs, India
  • Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia
  • Ministry of Education, Kyrgyzstan
  • Members from Dept. of Judicial Administration, Maldives

Recently, Aptech created a specialized program for NEC Corporation, Japan. Through this program, employees of NEC Corporation got a chance to develop their IT and English language skills during a one-month training schedule. This led to better productivity in their jobs.

View the complete case study here.


The programs and teaching methods followed by Aptech have been recognized and approved by governments and top global brands. Aptech programs are approved by the Maldives Qualification Board, the Ministry of Uganda, and the Vocational Training Corporation of Saudi Arabia.

Interested in a customized training program for your employees?  Email us your requirement.  Aptech will get in touch with you.