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International Window Program

Aptech conducts specialized self-sponsored training programs in India, for international students and working professionals through its initiative called International Window Program, at its International centres in Delhi and Bengaluru.

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Besides world class training, International Window Program offers the participants a glimpse of the Indian culture, traditions, heritage, monuments and an opportunity to get international exposure.

The program offers a wide spectrum of courses for various segments. Aptech's International Window Program is for self-sponsoring students, working professionals, corporate and government bodies, who wish to hone their skills and gain valuable exposure to globally renowned courses.

For students, Aptech offers complete career development programs that help acquire skills in the context of a global, emerging economy with a booming IT and Animation industry.

Professionals have an opportunity to take short term skilling/ re-skilling/ upgrade courses, which puts them on a fast track to career advancement.

The programs under International Window Program are developed by industry experts and delivered by trained and certified faculty. Each faculty has extensive experience of working with international students and participants.

Explore the courses offered: IWP Courses - Delhi | IWP Courses - Bengaluru

International Window Program Offers

Programs offered under International Window Program

  • IT programs including much in demand technologies viz. Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, and eCommerce
  • Multimedia programs such as Web Designing & Development, Graphic Designing, 2D & 3D Animation, VFx, and Audio/Video Editing
  • English Language training for students, working professionals, and organizations
  • Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
  • Hardware & Networking programs
  • Training for achieving International Certifications from Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, and CISCO
  • Banking & Finance, Public Expenditure Management System
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Soft Skills training for working professionals/ organizations
  • Beauty, Hair Care, Personal Grooming/ Professional programs at Lakmé Academy Powered by Aptech
  • Bridge semester for University students on Technologies not taught at their universities
  • Customised programs

Aptech's Own Global Education Program

Complete career development/upgrade programs, relevant in the context of a global, emerging economy
Programs developed by industry experts, delivered by trained and certified faculty
For students, working professionals, corporates, government bodies, and private & public institutions
Each faculty has extensive experience of working with International participants

Represent Aptech

Represent Aptech

If you are a Study Abroad Consultant or an Agent, you have an opportunity to represent Aptech in your country and recruit students for the International Window Program.

IWP Representative

The Highlights

25+ years in International Markets
25+ years in international markets
Training international students in India for 20+ years
Training international students in India for over 20 years
Self-sponsored programs for International participants
Self-sponsored programs for international participants
Holistic Programs: Skills + Cultural Exposure
Holistic program: Skills + cultural exposure
Full Service Offering: Arrival to Departure
Full service offering: Arrival to departure
Dedicated Centers: New Delhi & Bengaluru
Dedicated centres: In New Delhi & Bengaluru

Value proposition

Aptech Pedigree
  • 32 years in skill development
  • Exposure to 40+ emerging markets
  • Trusted and globally recognized brand
Differentiated Programs
  • Holistic programs covering skill development and cultural sensitization
  • Job oriented curriculum with latest technologies
Complete Student Care
  • Flexibility to customize content and duration of programs
  • Comprehensive services focused on participants’ needs
  • Exclusively catering to international participants

Industry Approved Training

Aptech follows stringent quality standards for delivering training programs.
The company has alliances with several renowned universities all over the world.
Aptech courses are designed by a team of expert academicians and industry professionals, keeping in mind the global industry requirements.

Course Methodology

Aptech follows global standards in delivering effective & impactful training, which is easily comprehended by the participants. Computer-based tutorials are used for effective delivery of concepts. Students attend lectures conducted by experts and work alongside trainers for better grasping & understanding.

Every course has assignments and projects that help put into practice the newly acquired skills and offer an opportunity to discuss any doubts and get on the spot feedback/ assistance from the trainer.

Our trained and certified instructors are experienced in teaching a heterogeneous group of participants from all parts of the globe.

Travel & Accommodation

Aptech aims to make the learning experience as user-friendly as possible. Aptech extends a helping hand with your Visa, travel and accommodation needs. We suggest several accommodation options to suit your budget. Just get in touch with our counsellors in India for assistance. We endeavour to provide you the best of training and a smooth stay in India.

Explore the courses offered: IWP Courses - Delhi | IWP Courses - Bengaluru

Our Services

  • Assistance in Visa process
  • Pre-departure preparation
  • Airport Pick-up and Drop
  • Orientation Program
  • Guidance by Student Co-ordinators
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Finding right eateries
  • Cultural activities
  • Medical facilities
  • Local Transportation
  • Sight-seeing
Pre-departure preparation
Airport Pick-up and Drop
Orientation Program
Accommodation Assistance
Finding right eateries
Cultural activities
Medical facilities

Why study in India?

Expertise in IT : India is a rapidly growing economy with a promising future. India is highly respected for its expertise in Information Technology and is home to leading software organisations.

Preferred by global companies : Indian IT professionals are working in organizations across the globe and some of them occupy positions of prominence with the IT giants. India is also a preferred destination for VFx Outsourcing Projects. India is strong in AVCG (Animation, Visual effects, Comics and Gaming) market. Majorly all Indian studios and post production houses are executing VFx projects for foreign clients.

Aptech brings the best from India : Aptech continuously updates its course curriculum to be in sync with the latest Animation and VFx technologies. Our course curriculum is revised under the guidance of industry experts and software companies and is in line with the ever-changing technologies. This ensures that our students are job ready by the end of the course.
The International Window Program brings to you the best from India - quality education and a memorable cultural experience. True to its name, International Window Program is literally a window to new insights, experiences, opportunities and careers across the globe.

World-class facilities available : International Window Program provides world-class facilities at affordable prices, a holistic learning approach and welcoming attitude towards international students and professionals, which make India one of the most preferred education and training destinations in the world.

With an International education exposure, you:

Attain personal growth

  • Increase confidence & develop an independent attitude
  • Experience & understand cross-cultural environment
  • Start accepting diversity
  • Challenge yourself in new & exciting ways
  • Improve English comprehension & become globally job-suitable

Achieve professional growth

  • Enhance your resume
  • Distinguish yourself in competitive job conditions
  • Show prospective employers that you are independent & willing to take challenges
  • Improve your communication & interpersonal skills, making you a global citizen

Explore the courses offered: IWP Courses - Delhi | IWP Courses - Bengaluru