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International Window Program

Aptech is an education company that offers career education around the world. Since 1986, Aptech has trained over 6.8 million people. Aptech delivers training through a network of over 1300 education centers in 40 countries.

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Aptech also conducts specialized training programs in India, for international students and working professionals. Aptech's International Window Program aims to immerse visitors in India's dynamic economy, and offer them a glimpse into the Indian culture, traditions and heritage. The courses are complete career development programs that help you develop your skills, in the context of a global, emerging economy with a booming IT industry.

The programs under International Window Program are developed by industry experts and delivered by trained and certified faculty. Each faculty has extensive experience of working with international students and participants.

Aptech's International Window Program is for students, working professionals, corporate, and government bodies who wish to develop their skills and gain international education exposure in globally renowned courses.

International Window Program Offers

Programs offered under International Window Program

  • IT program for students, employees/organizations
  • Multimedia program for students, employees/organizations
  • English language training for students, employees/organizations
  • IT hardware & networking programs for students
  • Vocational programs for students
  • IT - international certification programs for employees/organizations
  • Project management for employees/organizations
  • Soft skills training for employees/organizations

Aptech has partnered with technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Red Hat, to offer courses that are globally recognised.

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Industry Approved Education

Aptech follows stringent quality standards for delivering education programs. Aptech's courses have been approved by the Maldives Qualification Board, the Ministry of Uganda, and the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

In addition, the company has alliances with universities all over the world.

Aptech courses are designed by a team of expert academicians and industry professionals, keeping in mind the global industry needs.

Course Methodology

Aptech follows global standards in delivering effective, impactful classroom education.Computer-based tutorials are used for the delivery of concepts. Students attend lectures conducted by experts and view live demonstrations for better understanding of concepts. Our trained and certified instructors are experienced in teaching a mixed classroom of students from all parts of the globe. Projects help test your newly developed skills and offer you the opportunity to discuss doubts with your instructors, on the spot.

Why study in an international location?

India is a rapidly growing economy with a promising future. Its expertise, human capital, and infrastructure contribute to its progress. Favored by foreign investors, India is poised to enter a new phase of success.

The International Window Program brings to you the best from India – quality education and a memorable cultural experience. True to its name, International Window Program is literally a window to new insights, experiences, opportunities and careers across the globe.

International Window Program provides world-class facilities at affordable prices, a holistic learning approach and an embracing attitude towards international students and professionals, which make India one of the most preferred education and training destinations in the world.

With an international education experience you:

Attain personal growth

  • Increase your confidence
  • Experience & understand cross-cultural environment
  • Challenge yourself in new & exciting ways
  • Gain an extraordinary level of independence
  • Improve English comprehension & become globally job-suitable

Achieve professional growth

  • Enhance your resume
  • Distinguish yourself in competitive job conditions
  • Show prospective employers that you are independent & willing to take challenges
  • Improve your communication & interpersonal skills, making you a global citizen

Travel & Accommodation

Aptech aims to make the learning experience as user-friendly as possible. Thanks to this philosophy, Aptech extends a helping hand with your travel and accommodation needs. Just get in touch with your counselor in India and they will try their best to resolve any issues that might occur. A smooth stay and a memorable learning experience are our goal and your right.

Represent Aptech

You can represent Aptech in your city or country. Aptech offers training programs for international students in India. With these programs, Aptech helps these students and company employees to go to India to join an IT or multimedia education course.