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Technology and software solutions have become an integral part of all companies, be it government organizations, non-government organizations, or small and medium scale enterprises. At the same time, sectors like banking, retail, media, pharmaceuticals, automobile, manufacturing, telecom, hospitality - all depends on IT. The increasing dependence on IT services has indeed led to a significant growth in job opportunities within the IT sector. As newer and advanced technologies are coming into existence, demand for skilled professionals with expertise in these areas is on the rise.

Newly emerging trends and technologies like AI, cloud computing, mobile applications, social media and data analytics have given rise to new career opportunities in this sector.

Aptech's efforts in providing career development training in IT programs since its establishment in 1986 highlights its commitment to preparing students for the ever-evolving tech industry. By offering training that aligns with the latest trends and technologies, Aptech plays a crucial role in equipping aspiring students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the IT sector.

Vocational training and skill development organizations like Aptech contributes to the growth and development of IT professionals, thereby bridging the gap between industry demands and preparedness of students.

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Aptech Computer Education

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Aptech Computer Education has been offering IT courses since 1986. Aptech offers technology courses, career programs, and certification courses, to enhance your career in IT. It also provides basic IT programs for school students.

Aptech offers a variety of courses:

  • Technology courses for students who wish to make a career in the IT industry
  • Certification courses for IT professionals to enhance their career

Aptech's course curriculum is designed after careful market study by industry experts, in line with the latest technologies. Aptech Computer Education has partnered with technology companies such as Oracle, and Red Hat, to offer courses that are globally recognised. These tie-ups enable us to meet international standards in IT training.

Program offerings

  • Career Builder tech programs for undergraduates
  • Smart Professional & Skill Building courses for graduates and working professionals​
  • Basic career starter IT Programs for school students​
  • Courses offered prepare IT students for certification by technology giants
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Aptech puts a strong emphasis on the skills and expertise of its faculty members. By ensuring that all trainers are experienced, certified, and continuously upgrading their skills in respective fields, Aptech is committed to providing high-quality non-formal vocational training to its students. This continuous focus on professional development not only benefits the faculty members but also brings significant advantages to the students by providing them with latest industry insights.


Aptech gives great importance to providing different types of high-quality skill training, formal and non-formal academic curriculum-based training, and non-formal academic training to students. By joining an IT course with Aptech, you get:

  • World-class vocational training as well as non-formal academic training from leaders and expert mentors
  • A wide variety of career, professional, short-term and certification courses, designed for the learning and career needs of students, working professionals and others
  • Benefits through Aptech's partnership with technology companies like Red Hat and Oracle
  • Onlinevarsity: A collaborative cloud-based learning platform for Aptech students where they access e-books & blogs, and receive project guidance from industry experts. This is Aptech's revolutionary step to supplement classroom training with online, interactive learning.
  • Workshops, events and other activities to encourage student-industry interaction, prepare you for job interviews and make you industry-ready
  • State-of-the-art computer labs and other infrastructure to help you get the most out of your course with Aptech
Aptech Computer Education Offers

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About Aptech

Aptech is a pioneer in skill development and vocational training business with a significant presence in India and overseas. Aptech offers customized training to individuals and private and government sector employees. The company commenced operations in 1986 and today, it operates through a network of 810+ centres across 40 countries and 5 continents. Over the years, Aptech has effectively ventured into diverse sectors ranging from IT training and media & entertainment to retail & aviation, beauty & wellness, banking & finance, and the pre-school segment among others.

Aptech has alliances with universities that allow our students to complete their education in UK and Europe. The company has successfully trained students through over 800 centers globally.

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