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PMP benefits

  • PMP practitioners earn highest salaries among all IT workers: Certification Magazine 2006 Annual Salary Survey
  • Among ‘10 Hottest IT certifications’ for 3 consecutive years: CertCities.com 2006 Annual Survey


PMP certification holds multiple benefits – for the Project Managers themselves, for the Organizations they work with & for Non-Project Managers who opt for this certification.

For Project Managers

Project Managers

  • PMP certification gives a qualitative orientation to the project manager’s professional skills
  • Employers value project managers who update their technical skills & improve their proficiency
  • PMP certification enhances marketability of the individual. It helps him/ her get the right job & the right pay package


For Organizations

PMP Certification Holders

  • Hiring/ assigning PMP credential-holders helps reduce project variances
  • Management control over the projects is simplified as PMP-certified personnel lead projects with better control
  • Customers increasingly want PMP-certified project managers to lead projects
  • Additional business can come in due to PMP-certified personnel in the organization or business could even be lost
  • Better delegation of work & teamwork. PMP-certified professionals are coached on team-building & teamwork, which on implementation leads to better team synergy
  • Organizations that employ PMP-certified project managers can reference the ISO 17024 certification as a qualifier for competence & capability in project management


For non-Project Managers

Non-Project Managers

  • Non-Project Managers who opt for the PMP certification learn to apply project management knowledge in present tasks/ activities which they can then treat as projects
  • Improves their knowledge-sharing skills (by way of imparting training)

Register for PMP training with Aptech

Register for PMP training with Aptech