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Aptech offers Mission IT scholarships worth 18 million naira

Aptech offers Mission IT scholarships worth 18 million naira

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Aptech Computer Education, Nigeria, offers ‘Mission IT scholarship’ worth 18 million naira to help students join IT career programs (like Aptech Certified Computer Professional and Aptech Certified Network Specialist) short-term courses, and professional courses. Scholarships were awarded to students who got top scores in an eligibility test that measured numerical, analytical, reasoning, and verbal abilities.


The courses cover cutting edge technologies including cloud computing, web/mobile application development and testing, enterprise application development using OST, JAVA and .NET, and database administration using Oracle.On successful completion of an AptechIT course, students may work as programmers, web developers, system analysts, database analysts, project managers, software architects, solution builders & consultants at top companies.


Mission IT scholarship awardees are eligible for a credit transfer facility that provides them an opportunity to join the final year of B.Sc. (Hons) at the prestigious Middlesex University, in London, Dubai, Mauritius or Malta.