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IWP conducts customer service training program for immigration inspectors, Bhutan

IWP conducts customer service training

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Aptech’s International Window Program (IWP) offers skill-based training to corporates and professionals from various countries to help them gain new job skills, business communication skills, and exposure to cultures.


As a part of the project, a comprehensive training was conducted to educate the immigration inspectors of Paro International Airport and other border check posts in Bhutan. They were educated about the basic rules of customer service, which forms the core of the service industry, especially aviation and airport customer management.


The modules of the program included customer care, behaviour patterns & building rapport, and passenger handling. The program also involved sightseeing, where the participants were given an opportunity to explore the cities – Bangalore and Mysore – in India. This cultural exposure is an integral part of IWP's teaching methodology and it helps the participants to grow and evolve.