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100 Hours Creative Marathon accomplished by Arena Multimedia

100 Hours Creative Marathon by Arena Multimedia

Arena Multimedia came up with a unique competition called 100 Hours Creative Marathon. This was conducted at various centers in Vietnam, Nigeria, Qatar, Kenya and more. The motive of the competition was to encourage students and give them a 3D animation studio experience. The storyboard and pre-production were given by the Head Office.


The task for the students was to create a 3D animation film based on a particular theme (e.g. Road Safety) in 100 hours. The students were given all the support from the center as well as the Head Office throughout the project duration. Team CUSC CanTho from Arena Cantho - Vietnam, Team BQ Squad from Arena Bagh-e-Qaid and Team Warrior from Arena North Karachi - Pakistan won the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards respectively for their project. Team Rice from Aprotrain HCMC - Vietnam won the Jury Award for Best Animation and Team Bahadurabad Stallions from Arena Bahadurabad - Pakistan won the Critics Award for Best Look and Feel. The winners were given cash prizes. The event was highly appreciated and emerged as a grand success.