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Aptech Vietnam center bags Sau Khue Awards 2019

Aptech Vietnam center bags Sau Khue Awards 2019

It's a proud moment for us as two of our centers in Vietnam have won the Sao Khue Awards. Sao Khue Awards is an annual quality prize, hosted by VINASA (The Vietnam Software Association). This year, for the category of Services of ICT Training, we have 2 centers winning the prestigious award:


• BK Aptech for Services of ICT Training - HDSE Program

• Aptech Can Tho CUSC for Services in Training about Information Security, Safety and Cyber Crime Investigations - ACNS Program.


Sao Khue Awards is the activity of evaluating the most reliable and prestigious professional of Vietnam IT and software industry. The program voted and recognized the leading and prestigious products and services of Vietnam's software and information technology (IT) service industry held annually by VINASA.