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Aptech Celebrates Its 25-Year Presence in Vietnam at a Grand Country Meet in India

Aptech Celebrates Its 25-Year Presence in Vietnam at a Grand Country Meet in India

Aptech, a pioneer in vocational training, marked its 25-year anniversary of operations in Vietnam with a grand Country Meet held in India. The event, attended by dignitaries such as Mr. Bui Trung Thuong - Trade Counsellor & Head of Trade Office at the Vietnam Embassy in India and key figures from the academic and business sectors of Vietnam, celebrated Aptech's substantial contributions to Vietnam's skilled workforce. Over the past quarter-century, Aptech has trained over 100,000 individuals, significantly bolstering the local talent pool.


The meet provided a platform for reflecting on past achievements and discussing future growth strategies. It was noted during the event that one in every 150 skilled professionals in Vietnam is Aptech-certified, a testament to Aptech's educational impact. The celebrations also included recognition of partners and staff who have been integral to Aptech’s success in the region.


Dr. Anuj Kacker, CEO (interim) of Aptech, expressed pride in the enduring partnership with Vietnam and reaffirmed the commitment to advancing quality education and skills development in Southeast Asia. The meet also featured a tour of Aptech’s latest venture, The Virtual Production Academy, showcasing the latest innovations in virtual production to the attendees.


This milestone event not only celebrated past successes but also set the stage for future initiatives that will continue to empower the youth in Vietnam, aligning with industry demands and ensuring ongoing skill relevance.