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Middlesex University – Aptech Tie-Up

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Aptech and Middlesex University have recently joined hands whereby Aptech will offer a set of English language courses, designed by Middlesex University, UK. This will create new benchmarks in teaching and learning of the English language.


Through these courses, the focus will be on enhancing students’ spoken English, and on developing better business communication skills.



Aptech English Learning Academy offers courses that cater to people at different levels of English language comprehension, from those who are not familiar with the language, to those who understand English but cannot speak it fluently, to those who can speak and understand the language but wish to hone their skills in business communication. These courses are now being designed by Middlesex University, UK.


The courses will cover all levels of English language and comprehension. The course for beginners will stress on the ability to speak and communicate in day-to-day situation, learn basic vocabulary including colours, shapes, numbers and simple function, such as telling the time and giving directions. In the pre-intermediate course, students will get to improve their reading and listening skills, ability to converse and write on familiar topics. Students will also build their basic grammar knowledge by improving their grasp on tenses and parts of speech.


The intermediate level course will take students on to more abstract topics like politics, money and consumers. They will be introduced to a higher level of vocabulary and grammar, including phrasal verbs, collocation and idioms. The business communication course will cover a wide range of work-related themes from writing reports, CVs and interviews to the fiscal health of a company and industrial action. Like the other courses, grammar is integrated into the units at an appropriate level.


This tie-up will provide Aptech English Learning Academy students the lucrative opportunity of learning English from the English people, right in their own country.