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Aptech offers iOS & Android training

Smartphone sales have been increasing year-on-year, with Android and iOS contributing 30 percent and 15 percent, respectively to the growth.* A primary reason for this growth is the user experience shift from PCs and laptops to mobiles and tablets.


With this, the industry is experience a demand for trained and skilled app developers and Aptech, with the view to prepare the youth for this growing industry, offers iOS and Android training across all its centres in the world.


iOS training

iOS has vivid application in various fields like business, lifestyle, health and fitness, games, education, social networking, travel, finance, music, sports, entertainment, and many more, giving students ample opportunities to work across various industry sectors.


Course duration – 168 hours


Android training

As a part of the Android training, students get job opportunities in all kinds of professionals fields, including lifestyle, games, social networking, entertainment, travel, finance, communication, shopping, and multimedia.


Course duration – 152 hours


*Source: Gartner 2014