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Aptech English Learning Academy, now in Qatar

Aptech English language training programs in Qatar

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After successfully offering IT education for 20 years in Qatar, Aptech is now set to launch one of its renowned brands – Aptech English Learning Academy – in the country. Aptech offers a wide range of English language courses, designed by Middlesex University, UK & aligned to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


The curriculum follows a laddered approach, which makes it easier for students to advance with the course. Aptech offers beginners program, spoken English (pre-intermediate, intermediate & upper-intermediate), business communication, and 30-days English fast-track course. Depending on the English language proficiency & the requirements, students & working professionals can choose a relevant course.


English language skills come handy in numerous professional fields & occupations. With the launch of Aptech English Learning Academy in Qatar, youth of the country will broaden their career opportunities & have better chances of global career advancement.