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Another milestone achieved! Arena Multimedia completes 10 years in Vietnam

Arena - 10 years in animation and multimedia training in Vietnam

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Arena Multimedia, the animation and multimedia training arm of Aptech Limited, completes 10 years in Vietnam, in imparting quality education and preparing students for job advancement.


On this occasion, Ninad Karpe, CEO and MD of Aptech Limited said, “It’s a great moment for us. With our pioneering multimedia training we have been able to make students job-ready and also succeeded in fulfilling the burgeoning demand of skilled professionals in Vietnam. We have always focused on creating all-round professionals who are employable. We are proud that our students hold good positions in prestigious companies across Vietnam. This is possible because we constantly update our course content to keep up with the times. Our effective delivery methodology ensures that students grasp complex concepts with ease. Our faculty-guided projects initiate students into real life situations and lastly, we equip them with soft skills to make an impression in the industry.”


Arena Multimedia commenced its operations in Vietnam in 2004. The country has a rapidly-growing multimedia industry with tremendous scope to absorb job-ready professionals. At Arena, we intend to continue playing an integral role in empowering the youth of Vietnam to excel in their careers. We aim to become the preferred learning solutions provider in the country and worldwide.