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Aptech has joined hands with various universities and education bodies across the world to help students advance their career prospects and pursue higher education with ease. By enrolling for Advanced career programs students get access to Pathway Programs and transfer their credits to empanelled universities.

To help Arena and MAAC students upskill themselves and achieve higher qualifications in the field of Virtual Production & Future of Filmmaking Techniques, Aptech has introduced a top-up program at its newly launched academy, The Virtual Production Academy (TVPA) in Mumbai. Arena & MAAC students and alumni who have completed Advanced Diploma or equivalent programs will be eligible for a pathway program at the TVPA.

The global virtual production market is expected to rise by $7.62 billion dollar by 2030.

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The Virtual Production Academy

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The Virtual Production Academy by Aptech (TVPA) is an academy of excellence for training in virtual production. The academy is equipped with state-of-the-art studio set-up comprising LED walls with a 270-degree coverage and virtual set design, enabling filmmakers to visualize the final output and refine them in real-time uncovering new possibilities. At The Virtual Production Academy, we train students in the essentials and the new craft of film making.

Subject Matter Experts at the academy help students become new-age filmmakers and prepare them to work for the topmost movie studios in India and abroad.

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The Virtual Production Academy ensures high standards of vocational training and skill development through:

Modern-day filmmaking courses:

Modern and innovative approach based programs prepare students understand new-age filmmaking techniques and adapt themselves to the changing trends of the industry.

Use of latest technology:

Virtual sets, LED screens, 12K Film camera, VR Scouting, Motion Tracking Solutions and DMX lights are used as a part of the training program.

Classes taken by faculty and industry experts:

The program offers a mix-blend pedagogy where the fundamental modules are taught by in-house faculty and advanced modules are delivered by international experts from the industry.

Timely workshops:

Workshops and master classes are conducted from time to time by mentors and industry professionals to focus on students’ skill development and to ensure they stay updated with the industry trends.

Internship opportunity:

Dedicated internship opportunity gives students the much-needed exposure to the professional working environment.

Studio visits:

Students who enrol for this program get the chance to visit studios and production houses in and around Mumbai city.

People trained by The Virtual Production Academy have gone on to work with major studios around the world.

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About Aptech

Aptech is a global learning solutions company, which specializes in providing vocational skill-development training to students and corporates. The quality of learning and development we provide at Aptech has been approved by international bodies including the Maldives Qualification Board, the Ministry of Uganda, and the Vocational Training Corporation of Saudi Arabia.

Aptech has alliances with universities that allow our students to complete their education in UK and Europe. The company has successfully trained students through over 800 centers located globally.

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