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Course structure

Aptech’s PMP Exam Preparatory course offers 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs), which is a requisite for qualifying to appear for the PMP Examination.


The course covers 11 modules:

  • Project Management Context, Framework & Processes
    Introduction to projects, programs, portfolios, project phases, project life cycle, project management processes & knowledge areas
  • Project Integration Management
    Processes that help Project Managers ensure that all parts of the project work together
  • Project Scope Management
    Processes to ensure that the scope of the project is well-managed
  • Project Time Management
    Processes required for timely completion of the project
  • Project Cost Management
    Processes involving planning, estimating, budgeting & controlling project costs
  • Project Quality Management
    Processes that help identify & apply quality standards for the project that lead to customer satisfaction
  • Project Human Resource Management
    Processes that help organize & manage human resource assets of the project
  • Project Communications Management
    Processes that help fulfill communication requirements of the project
  • Project Risk Management
    Processes that help identify risks & develop timely responses early in the project
  • Project Procurement Management
    Processes that relate to contract planning & administration
  • Professional and Social Responsibility
    Area of legal practice that encompasses the duties of the project manager to act in a professional manner

Eligibility criteria for the PMP Exam

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