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High-end VFX, Animation & Gaming

A career in VFX, Animation, and Gaming is one of the most sought-after careers in the media and entertainment industry. These visual effects, gaming and animation courses add value to your learnings and build your professional life.

The animation, VFX and gaming industry are some of the fastest growing industries worldwide. People working in these industries tend to get big breaks in the media and entertainment sector by getting the opportunity to work in production houses, VFX labs, gaming studios, animation studios located in different parts of the world.

At Aptech, we provide students with high-end training in VFX, animation, and gaming programs. We ensure they earn the right skills and get a complete understanding on how to work on industry-relevant tools and software.

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Our students say...

Maya Academy of Advanced Creativity (MAAC)

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MAAC is one of the leading VFX, animation, and game design training institutes. MAAC centres are located in different Indian cities as well as overseas. At MAAC, we transform lives of lakhs of students by providing them with career-oriented training and helping them achieve their goals. MAAC provides a platform for students to showcase their skills, interact with the industry experts and, hone their creative skills by participating in competitions and events, attending workshops, and working on real-time projects.

MAAC has a dedicated research and development team, who continuously work with industry professionals to develop and update course curriculum based on the changing trends and demands.

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MAAC ensures high standards of skill-development training in its VFX, gaming, and animation programs through:

Multiple course options:

Different career-oriented long and short-term courses are offered by MAAC to suit the needs of students and working professionals. Students can learn on the go with the help of Onlinevarsity, the online learning app. These high-end courses prepare you for careers in films, advertising, TV, print gaming, digital media, and outdoor media.

Team of expert faculty:

Trained and certified faculty at MAAC serves as the pillar. They are well-versed with the program offerings and also the latest techniques used in the industry, using cutting-edge software. It is only because of such support and mentorship, that MAAC students get to create award-winning films and earn accolades from animators, filmmakers, and game designers from different parts of the world.


MAAC believes in delivering highest standards of non-formal vocational and skill-based training. Classroom learning is incomplete without getting the opportunity to work on projects like animated films, VFX scenes, short films, and advertisements. MAAC allows its students to work on multiple such projects during their programs.

Latest infrastructure:

All MAAC centres are equipped with high-end computer labs and studio-like classrooms. Students get access to latest animation and VFX tools and software that help them gain confidence to work on any kind of industry equipment. To keep the sessions interesting and engaging, classes are conducted in an interactive and visually-enhanced environment.

Faculty training programs:

MAAC conducts regular faculty training programs to ensure high standards of teaching and knowledge delivery. The teachers are trained by industry professionals on latest topics, software, and techniques used in the animation, VFX, and gaming industries.

Competitions and events:

MAAC conducts various competitions and events like MAAC 100 Hours, MAAC creative League, MAAC Manifest, and MAAC 24FPS. These events and competitions help students develop skillsets and prepare them for the bigger world. During these events, they get to showcase their skills, presents their works of animation and VFX, and interact with industry leaders. This also helps them build showreels that they can present during interviews.

Access to Onlinevarsity:

Onlinevarsity is a collaborative cloud-based learning platform for Aptech students where they access e-books and blogs, and receive project guidance from industry experts anytime. This is Aptech's revolutionary step to supplement classroom education with online and interactive learning.

People trained by mentors at MAAC have got the opportunity to work with major studios and animation companies around the world.

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About Aptech

Aptech is a global learning solutions company, which specializes in providing vocational skill-development training to students and corporates. The quality of learning and development we provide at Aptech has been approved by international bodies including the Maldives Qualification Board, the Ministry of Uganda, and the Vocational Training Corporation of Saudi Arabia.

Aptech has alliances with different universities that allow our students to complete their education in UK and Europe. The company has successfully trained students through 810+ centres located globally.

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